Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Up ?

Computer Freezing GWhen your computer comes from the factory with it's default settings, it has been optimized to run properly. Over time, as you add files and software - and just as importantly, remove files and software - your computer gets farther and farther away from it's optimal settings. To put this in perspective, it would be like adding parts to your car, and then removing some other parts and then adding more parts after that. Finally, your car doesn't run very well anymore.

More specifically, there are several primary areas that could be causing your computer to crash, run slow or stall. The most likely reason is that your registry has become corrupt and your system is essentially running in circles with its internal processing.

The second most common problem is that you have too many programs running behind the scenes. In this case, we're not talking about the programs you know about that are running at the bottom of your task bar, such as Outlook Express or your internet browser window. But behind the scenes, there can be literally hundreds of programs of various sizes running in the background. These are eating up your computer's available processing capacity and can bring your system to a literal stand still.

To determine if your system is in fact crashing because of problems in your registry, you will need to run a self diagnostic program such as Registry Patrol.  This easy to use program will perform a deep scan on your computer and will report back on any issues or problems it finds for you at no charge - which means you can figure out what is wrong without having to buy anything in advance or pay a technician to essentially perform the same function.

Programs such as Registry Patrol work by scanning all of your files and hard drives and then creates a cue report of any problems if finds. It's not uncommon to find out that your computer has literally hundreds of irregular settings and errors - in fact when we did a test of the program on a computer in our office, it found 916 errors on the initial trial scan.  
The main advantage of using a registry repair program is it will instantly fix the majority of the problems that are causing your computer to crash,  quickly and safely - and is a whole lot cheaper than having a technician look at your computer. It also has a feature that allows you to stop programs from loading when you turn on your computer which is often a problem for older systems with too many start up applications trying to get started every time you boot your machine up. In addition, Registry Patrol will also clean what is called your cache files which will dramatically speed up your internet performance.

For those of you running the Windows XP system, you might also want to consider the XP Medicprogram which offers several more advanced features than the Registry Patrol application, including the ability to completely optimize your entire XP operating system.  

Registry Patrol and XP Medic are both free to install and operate and will likely solve many of the errors and crash problems your computer may be experiencing.  

To visit the Registry Patrol website, please click here. 
To visit the XP Medic website, please click here. 

Note:  If you are wanting to perform a complete diagnostic and trouble shooting test on your computer, I’ve put together a full step by step guide on how to tune up the seven key components of your computer that covers everything from disk defragmenting to cleaning up your registry.  It will take you about two to three hours to go through all the steps to performing a full diagnostic and repair check on your system and is pretty comprehensive.  You can see the full step by step guide by clicking here.